DIANE ROBLIN & TWO NINETY TWO - snippets from various compositions contributed by the musicians act as a catalyst for free improvisation.  The music is about exploring the unexpected, communicating with the other musicians, engaging the audience and having as much fun as possible. Whether it be solos, duos, trios or larger ensembles,  TWO NINETY TWO is high energy music from the heart.  Nick Fraser, Rob Clutton, Joe Sorbara, ; Kyle Brenders; Howard Spring; Heather Segger, Mark Segger; Nicole Rampersaud, Raphael Weinroth-Browne.  

THERE IS A NEW CD OUT!  DIane Roblin and Two Ninety Two LIVE AT SILENCE.   Contact diane.roblin@gmail.com for a copy.

Free Improvisation

Two Ninety Two