DIANE ROBLIN AND RECONNECT is a five piece band that came together to play and explore Diane's compositions - an original mixture of jazz, fusion and funk which encourages groove and energy. The music is about playing to the max, making connections with the other musicians, engaging the audience and having the most fun possible.  Their debut CD RECONNECT has been receiving rave reviews and has airplay across Canada, USA, Australia, Japan and Norway.   It was has been number one on many charts and was on Jaymz Bee's from JazzFM 91.1 TOP 3 PICK of 2014.

CD Players: Jeff King, sax; Roger Travassos drums; Russ Boswell, bass; Howard Spring, guitar; Diane Roblin, piano and composer. Band members include: : Joel Haynes, Sly Juhas, Jordan O,Conner, Bob Cohen, Mike Pelletier,  Amhed Mitchell, Richard Underhill, Alexis Baro.

Diane Roblin's RECONNECT plays high energy music from the heart.


JAZZFM 91.1 Toronto- RECONNECT is Jaymze Bee's TOP 3 PICK FOR 2014


"Reconnect from Diane Roblin is a spirited romp from a rock solid quintet we will hopefully hear from again! "
"A most impressive outing, an ebb and flow that is nuanced yet never pretentious. Stellar!"
"Fasten Your Seatbelt" is a foot to the floor fusion number that works nicely not only as a showcase for the band but also to highlight the immense versatility of Diane Roblin. ......."The band happens to be A list, some of the sought after players in Canada. "

THE WHOLE NOTE: "She is a facile and deeply emotional keyboardist who establishes her musical territory with a muscular performance on the Fender Rhodes and technical skill on the acoustic piano."......Lesley Mitchell-Clarke


"There are funky and fusion strains here, and the results are fresh and invigorating. Roblin's piano work dazzles on the solo "Tune For Fraser"...., while "Fine And Funky" is just that... a superb effort."


"Roblin has it going on as a leader/writer/player and makes a dandy re-entry to the music world with stuff sure to perk up your ears. Upbeat and hard hitting, this is mighty cool stuff. Check it out.

"The album flows like a party, starting with upbeat ballads and harmonies, mellowing out in the middle and slowing down
for the crowd, before ending on a high note, bringing back the up‐tempo, with each single complementing the one before

Jazz Fusion Funk