Diane Roblin

musician, composer, band leader


February 17th - Ossingtone: Tranzac 7:30-9:30

Glen Hall, Bruce Cassidy Phil Albert, Harry Vetro,  Diane Roblin

Diane Roblin Presents: at the Tranzac - Third Sunday of the Month

October 17th: Brodie West and Nick Fraser and Diane Roblin

October 16 - La Rev 8:00-11:00

George Koller, Bruce Cassidy, Jeff LaRochelle, Morgan Childs, John Pittman, Diane Roblin

JULY !5th: Tranzac Club 7:30-9:30

Earthlight with Brian Abbott, Mark Zurawinski - trio that plays out of the box electronic free improv.

JUNE 7th:  Tranzac Club 7:30-9:30

Glen Hall, Harry Vetro, Diane Roblin - Free improv, Carla Bley, Sonny Rollins and more

MAY 24-29th

MIA FESTIVAL - Antouguia de Balea, Portugal...free improvisaron with international artists 

MAY 5th:, 2018: THE PILOT TAVERN, 3:00-6:00

Diane Roblin Quintet: Rich Underhill, John Pitmman, Russ Boswell, Morgan Childs...My original jazz-funk compositions. 

APRIL 20th 8:00:  Two Grand Pianos with Michael Snow; Nobi Kubota, opening voice artist.  Array Space, 155 Walnut Ave. (queen and niagara).  Free improv. 

EVERY THIRD SUNDAY OF THE MONTH: Tranzac with improvising musicians - guests change monthly....Tranzac Club 292 Brunswick 7:30-9:30

April 13th:  Earthlight with Brian Abbott and MarkZurawinski - electronic import. 


SEPTEMBER 16th, 2017 Kensington Market Jazz Festival... 1:00-2:00  Tom's Place   Solo PIano 

October  15th - Tranzac with Rob Clutton, Mark Zurawinski  (part of my Tranzac series 7:30-9:30)

October 21st - Michael Snow - 2 grand Pianos....Array Space 8:00 

PREVIOUS RECONNECT GIGS:  Jazz Bistro, The Pilot Tavern, Lula Lounge, Hart House U of T, Musideum,  Tranzac. 


Nicole Rampersaud;

Musideum - Nick Fraser, Rob Clutton, Kyle Brenders

Howard Spring., Rod Campbell

Heather Saumer, Raphael  Weiroth-Browne

Michael Snow and Diane Roblin - Two Grand Pianos with Special guest Nobu Kobuto